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Born into a Winnipeg family of Greek restaurateur’s,  brothers George, Nick,  and Konstantinos Chilas were raised in the business. From family run restaurants, Nick and Konstantinos, both chefs established, designed and perfected their squid product line.

With no contacts in the distribution business, they launched their distinctive flour dusted calamari in Vernon, B.C.  Through George’s determination and perseverance on the sales side, the business took off , the rest is history.

Today Atlantis Foods operates from a Vancouver-based factory that employs 22 people. Producing Highest Quality wild caught Loligo squid, Atlantis Foods offers a niche product that is free of chemical additives and offers the most authentic look and taste.

This niche product is now the leader in sales and distribution across Canada and United States for several reasons.  The tedious, messy and labour intense preparation of the squid to a consistent standard eliminates a costly and unpleasant part for the restaurateur.  In addition, the customized marinating, dusting and freezing process best preserves the squid’s freshness. As a result, the added tenderness and taste are perfectly balanced and always consistent.

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